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With the ever-increasing concerns regarding environmental sustainability, the

Trustees of All Saints Village Hall have been examining our building and the way it is

used by everyone to see if we can help reduce our impact on the environment.

Some things have already been put into place, e.g., the conversion of all the hall lighting to

LED bulbs and units earlier this year while other measures are being undertaken to

increase the efficiency of our heating system but we have also had to consider how

our users might impact on the hall’s environmental footprint as well. To that end, like

many other public buildings, we have now put into place an environmental policy for

our hall which is provided on the website and below. This will become a part of our Terms and Conditions of use.

We appreciate that some of our users already, where possible, take the environment into consideration when organising their activities but we would be very grateful if all users, both old and new, would please carefully read the policy and give some thought as to how they might perhaps be able to reduce their impact on the environment further when using the hall.

Download DOCX • 1.45MB

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