1.30pm – 4.30pm




 All classes are open to anyone of any age, unless otherwise stated.

 Special prizes for both children and fun classes.

 Full schedules will be available in May from:


Lynda Porter, Yonder Mead, Goldsmiths Lane, All Saints. 07879 423500

 Hilary Pritchar, Socks Orchard, Smallridge. 01297 33693

 Michael Shaw, The White Cottage, Churchill. 01297 32503

 Ann Carter, All Saints Breakfast Fare in May, June and July


  By email (place an order any time you like) from

Download Entry Forms HERE

All entry forms to be submitted by 8pm on Wednesday 17th July. No late entries will be accepted.

Those who have registered must come and stage their entries at the following times:

Friday 19th July  6:00pm to 7:00pm

Saturday 20th July  8:30am to 9:45am

(Doors will be locked at 9:45 am on Saturday for judging)




(All items to be displayed on white plates, no doilies please)

 1    A small hand-made multi-seeded loaf

2    A 3-egg Victoria sandwich cake with jam and caster sugar

3    5 Shrewsbury biscuits

4    Parkin – made in a square tin

5    A traditional sized savoury pasty with home-made pastry

6    A fruit and frangipane tart

7    5 macaroons

8    Banana bread (recipe as in main Schedule)



 9    A lemon drizzle cake, cooked in a loaf tin



(No fabric covers and all jars MUST be filled to capacity for judging)

 10   A jar of strawberry jam made within the last 12 months

11   A jar of any other fruit jam made within the last 12 months

12    A jar of jelly made within the last 12 months

13    A jar of marmalade made within the last 12 months (Note: no commercially produced mixes may be used)

14   A jar of savoury preserve made within the last 12 months

15   A jar of any citrus curd made within the last month



 16    6 home-produced hens' eggs, in an egg box (Note: one will be broken for judging)

17    A bottle of home-made cider

18    A bottle of home-made wine

19    A bottle of any home-made fruit liqueur

20   A bottle of any home-made cordial



21    Vase of 1 annual - not more than 5 stems

22    Vase of 1 perennial - not more than 5 stems

23    1 spray of a flowering shrub

24    Vase of perfumed flowers, one variety, max. 5 stems, judged on perfume only

25    1 specimen rose with foliage (1 bloom only)

26    Vase of 5 penstemons

27    3 dahlias of one variety (1 bloom only per stem)

28    3 stems of fuchsias

29    3 stems of annual sweet peas

30    1 head of hydrangea


31    ‘Rural Rampage’ – an arrangement to include seasonal material foraged from the local area in a container of your choice.  Max size 60cms x 60cms

32         ‘’A Glass of Red and A Glass of White Please!” – two arrangements in wine glasses – max size of each glass 350ml

33         A display of floating flower heads – max bowl size 18cms diameter



34         3 beetroot

35         3 courgettes - up to 6 inches long

36         3 carrots - trimmed

37         5 potatoes

38         5 runner beans

39      5 broad beans

40         3 ripe tomatoes - calyx attached

41         5 pods peas

42         5 onions - tops trimmed for presentation

43         5 shallots

44      1 lettuce

45         3 of any other vegetable not in schedule - judged on quality

46         A collection of 3 different, cut, culinary herbs in a container

47         3 full sticks of rhubarb - pulled (i.e. not cut) with part leaf attached

48         A small collection of soft fruit

49     ‘Kitchen Garden Produce’, a trug or basket of mixed vegetables, to be judged on quality, variety and presentation

50     The largest quantity of potatoes grown in a bag from one tuber. Entries will be limited and each entrant will be provided with an 8 litre bag and a ‘Jazzy’ tuber. Given the nature of the competition, early birds will definitely catch the worm so don’t delay! Please contact Hilary Pritchard on 01297 33693 / 07960 191849 for further details. The bags will be opened and judged on the day at the Show with the winner being determined by weight.



51         A knitted garment

52         An item made from wood or other organic material, using any technique

53         A quilted or patchwork bag – any size

54         A friendship bracelet

55         An embroidery worked in any counted thread stitch(es) - a kit may be used

56      An item incorporating hand-made pom-poms

57      A decorated pebble

58      Any other hobby or handicraft not listed above


Unmounted, maximum size 7" x 5" (18cm x 12cm)

 59    ‘Sunshine and Shadows’ – a black and white photograph

60    ‘Red’ – a colour photograph

61    ‘Water – a colour photograph



All mounted or framed, please bring your own easel

 62     A painting in any medium

63     A drawing in any medium



 Templates will be supplied for these classes and can be obtained from Gillian Gee 01297-32356 or at village Breakfast Fare. They can also be downloaded from the parish website: under the ‘Local Activities and Info’ tab. No other templates will be accepted.

 64    ‘Pattern’ - adult

65    ‘Tortoise’ - juniors up to and including 7 years old

66    ‘Butterfly’ - juniors aged 8-14 years old 



 Keystage 1 and under

 67   An original Duplo or Lego model – not from a kit  

68   A potato print pattern - max size A4

69   A necklace made from pasta

70   You’ve made it – let’s see it!


Keystage 2

 71   An original Lego model – not from a kit

72   A picture of yourself on a piece of A4 paper

73   An animal made from vegetables

74   You’ve made it – let’s see it!



 75     ‘All From My Garden’ – an attractive presentation of floral, vegetable or other  

          produce e.g. eggs, honey, jam, etc., from your garden in a box or basket. Can 

          include any or all of the elements mentioned                                             

76      The longest nettle – to include roots