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Com-munity Dine with Me Challenge

Dinner Party

We want to get everyone involved in helping us to ‘Raising the Bar’ for our hall this year. We would like to invite you to take part in our 2021 Com-munity Dine with Me Challenge.


All we'd like you to do is host a dinner, breakfast or lunch party for some friends (local or not) in aid of the hall, ask them for donations to attend and donate the proceeds to the hall – all whilst having a bloomin' good time.


Sound too good to be true? It’s not …. With every starter served and portion of pleasing pud, no matter what your age or cooking talent you can be part of helping to make sure we have the best village hall for miles around. 


Let’s make 2021 the most social summer we can remember.

Having fun has never been so satisfying!


Entertain – by hosting a party in aid of the hall

Attendance Fee - Charge your guests to sample your hosting skills by asking for donations

Thank you  - Donate the proceeds to the hall 



Information for hosts and Dine with Me Ideas


The Rules

Simply said there are no hard and fast rules other than making a kind donation to the hall.

We do suggest however, that in return for your valiant efforts over a hot stove you should charge at least £10 per guest – but feel free to charge more if you think your party is worth it and your guests can afford it.  Let’s face it, whatever you charge it’s probably cheaper than going out for a meal , so you are probably doing your guests a favour and saving them money.


We expect most dinner parties to run from May – November 2021 which will hopefully give us all of us time to plan a party and help raise the bar.  If you have one outside of these dates … don’t worry too much – we will take the money!


Sharing your Story 

Why not take a photo of your party and share with us for our website?

If you’d like your event to be ‘open’ i.e. you don’t mind who rocks up as long as they let you know  – we can also publicise your event on our website. Get in touch with and she can do the rest. 


How to make your Donation

Cash - Please hand the cash to Michael Shaw (or another trustee) at home or the village breakfast

Invoice and card payment - Ask Diana Jenner to send you an invoice that you can pay online,

Bank Transfer - Ask Diana Jenner for our BACs details so you can make a transfer.

Ask your guests to donate directly online - (coming soon)

Tip - How to ‘spice up’ your party and make it the talk of the village

If you are struggling for ideas we’ve come up with a few for you. With so many parties hopefully in plan , be sure to make sure yours stands out!

Decide on whether to provide drinks or ask everyone to bring a bottle.


Hat and wig – perfect for those that are losing their hair! Heck its worked for Elton all these years.

Dine in the dark – your taste is heightened in the dark, but what was that? And who was it?

Taste of the Orient – Spice up your life! And that of your guests.

Barbecue Bonanza  or Mongolian feast – Fire up the Barbie and get burning

The Italian job – channel your inner Carlucio. Spin some dough or get on the meat balls! 

Sushi Factory – roll up, roll up, roll up. Get your guests involved.

Murder Mystery – Who done it? 

Afternoon delight - why save your best china for dinner when you can serve afternoon tea

Fancy Dress – or just dress up. Why not? 

Eurovision – get your guests to bring a dish from our European cousins. 

Euro 2020 – Football crazy burger night 

Olympics – Daley’s decathlon – dishes from around the world ….

End of an era – 60’s, 70’s or 80’s

Girls v boys  - see who can raise the most

Kids Dine with me ... get your kids to host a party for their friends.

Bumping up the proceeds

You can ask for more donations for your entertainment – whatever that might be ….

Sweepstake – winner gets a prize– hall gets the proceeds

Auction of treasure or old tat – get guests to bring an unwanted item and get others bidding

Come doodle with me -  get guests to sketch each other and sell them to their subject (so no-one else can see it)


Thanking you

All hosts will receive a pair of our special ‘limited edition’ raise the bar drinks coasters and be invited to celebrate with us at the bar. .

Keeping Safe

Social distancing rules apply obviously. For latest guidance on what you can do with your friends - please refer to

We are excited and hope you are too. 

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