• Michael Shaw

Meanwhile, further along this long, strange and twisty road…

As we approach the end of 2020, it seems a good time to provide an update on life in the village hall during the few months since our last message. After the initial period of lockdown was over, we faced an uncertain outlook with considerable and ever-changing measures from Government quarters to put into place before reopening, together with the knowledge that nearly all our regular users had told us that, understandably, they did not intend to return for the rest of the year. This all meant that we were only ready to reopen at the beginning of November when the school was allowed to return but the sudden announcement that we were to go into another lockdown meant that, sadly, our plans had to be abandoned and the decision has been made to review the situation again at the beginning of 2021 and, hopefully, reopen soon after.

However, the silver lining to this particular cloud was that, with the hall out of use, we were able to embark on our ‘Raising the Bar’ project and, over the course of several weeks, a small socially-distanced band of dedicated volunteers succeeded in the construction of our new bar and storage room, together with a complete renovation of both the entrance lobby and main body of the hall which has given the whole place a lighter, brighter and more contemporary look. As we know many of you are keen to see what we have done, you can get an idea of the end result from the photos posted here.

Having already accumulated enough funds to start us off through generous donations from both the All Saints Pantomime Society and the EDDC Locality Fund, together with contributions from those individuals in the community who have already supported us, we were able to complete the project but, inevitably, there is still a shortfall to be made up. So, once we are able, we very much plan to return to the events we had announced just before the first lockdown so you can still look forward one day to the film and quiz nights plus our ‘Come Dine with Me’ experiences.

If anyone feels that they would like to make a personal donation, we would be very appreciative of any that we might receive - these can be easily made through this website under the ‘Charity/Donate’ tab. Alternatively, they can be made through any member of the Village Hall Committee and we are now eligible for Gift Aid too, which increases any qualifying donation by 25% so a big thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give us.

The only thing that remains is to say that we very much look forward to the day when everyone can come along and join us in road testing the new bar – suffice to say that, if it can survive a post-Covid village party, it will probably survive anything!

Michael Shaw

Chairman, All Saints and District Village Hall

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